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we gon' get hiiigh

So it's over
7 cavities filled in 2 days
yes, it was absurd

today, in fact, my mouth decided to reject all notion of becoming numb
I got 2 shots, neither worked
I got a super duper extra-strong shot, it worked....until she started drilling
I got a second super duper extra-strong shot, again, it worked until she started drilling
I got a last shot in my gum right below my tooth....that one did the trick

I went to sleep for a while when I got home to try and sleep off the numbness...however, I've woken up now and not only am I still numb in a good part of my face, but I am defintiely high off of all this novocane they've injected in me.
I know what you're thinking, high off novocane, that's AWESOME or maybe, no way, you can't get high off novocane stupidface, but I assure you, I am indeed high off of this novocane and it is quite possibly the worst feeling ever....novocane needs to take a lesson in sensory enhancement from weed, it's got a long way to go.

that is all, thank you.
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