The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes (lil_elfin_girl) wrote,
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i'm back and in a much better mood
and very happy with my new icon
but just because I'm a sexy beast

I keep reading about Jen King's adventures at Mytics and I really wanna go
get a tattoo or another piercing or some
what do you all think?

I'm also really excited about my upcoming hair cut
although I feel bad for being excited because I'm not getting it done till after GM leaves and I don't want it to seem like I'm excited for him to leave
it makes me really I keep hearing Leaving on a Jet Plane and it's poop

I've been working my tush off lately and it won't stop until Wednesday
it would be BOOM if you all came and visited me!
the Ice Cream Cottage on Stevens Ave off of Rt 1 in Arbutus
I expect a huge elle-jay gathering there sometime soon...I work tomorrow day time and Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights so DO IT!

yeeeah buddy
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