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the air was strong

today was AWESOME!!!!
me and GM went to the National Zoo (in DC) and it was soooo much fun!
I love zoos so much!
we saw the pandas and GM ruined them for me cuz he pointed out that they look more like men in suits than real animals
hahaha he didn't really ruin them for me tho
and we saw these adorable little mini-monkeys
and we got lost trying to get back to connecticut avenue to get to the metro station and we asked a cop for directions and he gave us a ride in his cop jeep and that was cool too
and we ate at this mexican place where our waiter stuck us in a corner with the air-conditioner above our heads, told me the bathroom was upstairs but neglected to tell me there were two upstairs's and the one with the bathroom wasn't the one I could see, and came to our table only to take our order and give us food....GM had to go get him in order to get the check
so we (we being GM) tipped him $1.10 (from a $15.90 check), yes that's 7% and he deserved it
and, just to prove he wasn't an asshole, GM tipped the busboy $2 cuz he was cool
and then we reveled in our asshole-ness
then we came home and he went to work and now i'm here just chillin

all in all, a good day i'd say!
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