The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes (lil_elfin_girl) wrote,
The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

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it's good to be back home

Poland and the Czech Republic were awesomely awesome! I got to see lots cool stuff, eat weird food, and get to know some really cool people better! I don't reeli feel like going into detail right now tho so perhaps I'll post later...maybe even with some pictures! exciting

in other news...being home has been reeli nice...however, this first encounter with livejournal (since i've been back) has put me a bit down in the dumps. certain people know why and that bothers me too. so I'm gunna try to stay here (with a cleanout preceding of course) cuz I like hearing about your summers....but I dunno...none of you care anyway...nevermind.
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welcome back, amy. <3.
I'm SO happy that your home. I missed you.
i looove you, amy. welcome back. <3
cheer up, amy! i found something for you in spain, and when i saw it my first thought was, well well well, amy would certainly like this! just you wait, youre gonna love it!
oh my goodness i'm excited!
plus all the kids at camp have bought your cd and wanna meet you cuz they hear your cute so i'm excited for that too cuz i'll feel cool cuz they'll all have HUGE crushes on you and be afraid to talk to you and I'll be like *yeeeah buddy, we're FRIENDS....aren't you jealous now?!*
haha exciting!