The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes (lil_elfin_girl) wrote,
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I had THE BEST EVER shopping trip today!!!!
so now I am in THE BEST EVER mood!!!
PLUS, camp is always fun, GM drew me a funny picture, I got to see Chloe and talk to her for a while, and me and Jen King made a date! yaaaay!
so I got 2 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, a pair of reeli obnoxious shoes, and a black shirt all for $100
it made me haaaappy!
you know what else makes me happy?
haha gel DOUCHE...and tiny sprite and toothpaste! awwww
for gm =D (pickpockter/manager of death not included)
teehee it's in polish (and huge scary blowup characters....donkey and shrek....kept showing up day after day)
Polish graffitti
TINY cars me and Rochelle bread and butter-ed for GM
rebellion in Cracow!
moo cow!
devil horses that gave us a tour of Prague
the straight brigade! woop woop!
big scary clown at the airport in Prague!
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