The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes (lil_elfin_girl) wrote,
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wou;dn't you find someone else who she isn't dating?

my sister is watching Jerry Springer
god that show is trashy

in other news, I had the best night last night celebrating Isabel's birthday!! yaaay!
and I love me some Isabel, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONE DAY LATER!!!
it was some beautiful stuff

I'm excited for today and to see GM...I know that sounds awful and corny and obsessed and such but I am SO EXCITED to see him!

I'd also like to inform everyone that I'd like to comment on all your journals but my computer is a poophead and I have a lot of trouble just clicking links and such
so to make up for it....

  • I <33 Jen King

  • I <33 Ally and want to stay on your friends list

  • Anne, I <33 you and hope you feel better and things get better

  • Keti is incredibly HOTT and I am actually in love with your haircut

there is probably more but I can't remember it right now
Love you all
<33 to one
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