The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes (lil_elfin_girl) wrote,
The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

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maybe i could live forever

so school's under full swing and it's not soo bad

I still feel a little weird because honestly, I don't have many friends there, I have aquantinces(sp?)and all but I never really got around to solidifying friendships all tha well last year....but I like to think I've strengthened some ties in the past three days

Outside of school is fun, I hung out with Julian last night and me, him, and Jen King are going out tonight so that's exciting and makes me enjoy life...I've been talking to Rachel alot more which is really nice, it's nice to hve her back...I talk to GM alot and I'm still getting used to not being allowed to get upset with him for his choices but I honestly think I'm getting better every day...
other than that....i dunno what else there is!

haha yeaaah.....nice update on my life i guess
hope everyone elses' is going well
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